Short Stories

coverI published an ebook containing a collection of some of my short stories. Most of the stories can be read from this web page but, if you want them all in one easy-to-read place, the anthology can be found at Smashwords and all other major online book stores. The stories aren’t bad but the best part is the price – FREE! Even my harshest critics can’t complain about that.

Below are links plus the background to a few of the short short stories I’ve written. Some are published outside of my anthology, some aren’t there or anywhere but here (for now). Enjoy!

The Story-Tellers, a short story about a boy stepping in to fill his grandfather’s shoes, was published by Empirical Magazine in February 2012 and can still be purchased in the Best of 2012 collection on Amazon or can be found on their blog here.



Karma can be pretty ruthless when it comes to payback, but in this instance it helped me win a short story competition.  The anthology resulting from this competition is no longer in circulation but you can still read my story here.


moving day


Suspicious Move is about a couple moving into a new house, both behaving suspiciously. The story was my first published work and it came out in an ezine called Getting Hitched.


Everybody loves a birthday party don’t they? Read about a couple celebrating their big 4-oh together in The Birthday Party.
snow day


The Good Old Days is a short story about remembering the fun of a snow day.


Sunset at sea

My short story, Adrift, is about a less-than-pleasant night alone on a yacht. It’s been published in Strange Circle Magazine: Issue 3 and is available for Kindles .


The line between dreams and reality can be a thin one. Deadly Dreams was published by Empirical Magazine in January 2013 and can be found on their blog here.


IMG_4242It’s Complicated is a very very short story written for a very very fun competition run by On the Premises. The challenge was  to tell, show, evoke, or imply a complete story in only three lines, each of which had to be exactly seven syllables long. Here’s my 2nd place entry:

I hunt for him everywhere.
He avoids my cunning traps.
Romance is complicated


Picture3Who was written for a comp where the genre was suspense and the subject was an email you received in error on your first day on the job. The anthology containing this story can be purchased at Amazon.


Picture2Blood Oath was written for a competition with the genre Fantasy Thriller. The story was to be set in the 1800s and involve 3 boys exploring a caved coal mine. The anthology containing this story can be purchased at Amazon.




Another comp, this one’s challenge was to write a story about a 92 year old vet in a nursing home. I won 2nd place and my story, Cabin on a Stream, shows up in the anthology available on Amazon.


Picture of 6 bFor those with a tragically short attention span, I’ve written some 6 word stories for Morgen Bailey’s writing blog. This is a bit of writer’s lore and a lot of fun. Basically it’s believed that the fewest words you can get away with to tell is story is 6. The classic and most famous such story is attributed to Ernest Hemmingway and goes …
                        For sale: baby shoes, never worn
My attempts can be read here.



The Queensland Writers Centre chose my 8 Word Story for their billboard project while also using billboard advertise which you can find online, click here for more. My name was up in lights – for one morning anyway.