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untitledTITLE Starting Over AUTHOR Laura Rittenhouse Publisher: Wings EPress, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-59705-029-6 Fiction Purchase: Website:

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This story starts in both 1896 and 1975.There are two tales woven together in this breezy book.

The story of Maria

One is of Maria. She has taken a valuable place as a chamber maid to the Kraft family. In this position, she is seen as more than just a maid; she is seen as family. She moves with the Kraft family to America, which is a culture shock.

Maria did not realize it, but Arno had designated himself as her boyfriend. He proposed to her—if you want to call it that. One could also call it harassment. I could not help but to wonder if Maria agreed to move to America to escape him.

She finds herself in quite a difficult situation…..Then, there is an accident….

The story of Eva

Eva is a hard-working college student. She works extra hard to graduate from college early, and she lands a full-time job in Australia.

In the meantime, her fiance has taken his time with his college courses. He tells her to go ahead with her move to Australia. He tells her that he will move there when he finishes his course work.

She ends up in the same difficult situation Maria found herself in. Their relationship unravels. It was rather obvious that it was one-sided in the beginning, but loves is blinding.

Both are relatively independent women; however, what does that mean for each of them? What is independence for a woman in the late 1800’s and in the 1970’s?What mistakes has this independence led them to? Has women’s liberation really kept us from making the same stupid mistakes over and over and over….?Are the stupid mistakes women make a slap in the face of those who fought for women’s rights