Life’s Journeys

My second novel, Life’s Journeys, is now available for purchase in ebook and paperback format from Amazon.

LJ CoverSophie mapped out her future years ago and, at the ripe old age of 29, she’s keen to start living it. Focusing on scrambling to the top of the corporate ladder, she downplays romance, keeping her eye on the prize. A strategy which doesn’t work out all that well for her.

After being sold like chattel in an international takeover, Sophie finds herself with a job in a company she never applied for, and an antagonistic colleague she can’t escape. Before long she’s staggering under the combined handicaps of a corporate Boys’ Club and an astonishingly boring job.

Sophie staggers but doesn’t fall, instead she fights back and plays to win. That is, she does once she figures out exactly which competition she wants to enter.

Life’s Journeys looks at the corporate world through Sophie’s eyes and doesn’t like what it sees. Sophie has enough spirit to roll with the punches and enough smarts to know when she’s being railroaded. Her struggle to balance what she wants with what she can achieve with what she can force is not an easy journey but it is Sophie’s journey and she’s setting her own course.

Available now.

Read an  excerpt from Life’s Journeys.

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