Current Projects

Laura and her mowerIMG_3869These days I divide my time between writing, gardening beekeeping, my dog, cat & chickens, my husband and the normal day-to-day stuff that can so easily consume great chunks of any given month. My writing is split between writing more short stories, collecting ideas for future works and ploughing through my in-work pile.

working in the outbackThe next book that I’m hoping to find a publisher for is currently titled The Big Drive. It’s non-fiction and is based on an Outback adventure my husband, Frank, and I recently took. We made it half-way around Australia in eight months of fantastic camping, hiking and crocodile watching. All the photos on this page except those of me on the ride-on mower and in my bee suit were taken on that trip.

Stairway to the moonWriting a light hearted book based on reality was a lot of fun and is very different from working on novels. If it goes well, who knows, there might just be a sequel about the round-the-world trip we took immediately after our round-the-country drive. New Zealand to Iceland with a lot of stops in between is at least one book’s worth of storytelling.

Laura canyoning

A book in progress is a murder mystery. This isn’t my genre at all but, when a friend told me I’d have more luck getting attention if I stopped writing books about women and threw in some exploding cars and blood-soaked bodies, I figured I’d give it a try. This one is really interesting to write and one day, I just might finish it. It’s as yet unnamed.

I’ve become a columnist of sorts for a local magazine, Hills to Hawkesbury Living Magazine. I write a fortnightly article on gardening with a heavy focus on what the local garden club is up to. As with The Big Drive, this writing is non-fiction and uses a different part of my brain than my short stories and novels. So far I’m loving it.

This is plenty to keep me busy for as much time as I’m happy to sit in front of my computer. I’ve been writing since 2006 and have yet to get bored with it. I see no reason not to keep on plugging away at it as long as it stays as fun and rewarding.