Only for the month of July, my novel, Life’s Journeys, is available for FREE from Smashwords. Download your own copy (use the code SFREE at checkout) in the format that best suits your device (mobi for Kindle devices, epub for most others). If you don’t have an ereader, now is a great time to test out the technology. You can use your PC as an ereader by downloading Adobe Digital Editions or Kindle for PC – both are free. Or load Life’s Journeys straight onto your ereader or tablet and start reading right away. I hope you enjoy it!

Laura readingThis site contains a variety information about me, Laura Rittenhouse. Mainly it focuses on my writing, with a heavy leaning towards my published novels, Starting Over, Life’s Journeys and Confessions of an Aging Adulterer. I’ve also self-published a free ebook called Laura’s Shorts which I briefly discuss over here.

My home is in Australia and most of the photos on this site were taken on my travels around the country.

I’ve been writing since late in 2006 and plan to keep writing until they carry me out in a pine box. Don’t expect frequent updates, but I will refresh the site when something big happens.


At the library

Between now and then, have a look, check out my books and let me know what you think about the site, my writing or life in general. Since this site has been visited by numerous people from all over the world, I’m curious about who you are and how you found me. Don’t worry, sending me an email won’t result in spam, it will just help me learn more about this weird world of online networking.

All my novels are available for sale in both paperback and a variety of ebook formats. See the links on the right hand side of this page to purchase copies.

Email me whenever the mood strikes at laura(dot)Rittenhouse(at)